Meet Master Chen and Learn the Way of Qi

~Traditional Daoist Priest, Teacher and Translator of the Universal Dao, Humanitarian~
~Wu Dang Long Men School 25th Generation and San Feng School 14th Generation~
~Based in Estes Park, Colorado, USA~


From a humble beginning in rural China, to rising as a prominent spiritual leader in the West, Master Chen has guided thousands of people to create health, happiness, prosperity, and harmony in life.

He was chosen as a child to be trained by 5 elder Daoist Masters in the sacred Wu Dang Temples. Traditional Daoism of Wu Dang is ancient knowledge and mystical practice based on thousands of years of observation of the universe and our true nature within it. Through intensive training in a harsh environment, Chen learned the skills to master mind, body, and spirit. He holds two sacred lineages of knowledge, Long Men Pai (Dragon’s Gate) and Zhang San Feng Pai. Master Chen came to the United States in 1990 with a mission to teach Daoist practical philosophies to empower us in the West to heal our bodies, our minds, our environment, and our spirit. 


Learn Daoist Healing Arts 

Dao Masters hosts weekly live lectures and a class archive with Master Chen on the Wu Dang Daoist Healing Arts. Explore individual subjects or take the mastery course to learn how the arts are connected.

•Tai Chi
•Qi Gong
•Nei Dan Meditation
•Dao Yin
•Daoist Philisophy
•Nourishing Life Methods 

Become certified by Master Chen to teach!

Consult the Long Men Yi Jing to guide your Journey

Receive guidance on your unique soul's spiritual and material journey using the rare Wu Dang Long Men School Yi Jing (I Ching in the West). Through a video conference, Master Chen will decode your personal numerological matrix for you to:

See behind blind spots of your true strengths    and weaknesses.

Learn your true purpose and how to increase your value and status.

Understand your relationship dynamics.

Plan your decisions to harmoniously go with the flow of your life's changes.

Support Master Chen's Misson

Master Chen is the President of the Daoist Association USA, a religious non-profit organization with a mission to preserve and promote of Daoist traditions, culture, and religion in the United States. The DaoUSA community hosts educational events, trips, and lunar celebrations. 

Retreat to the Rocky Mountains

Master Chen's home in the United States is the Dao House, a private hotel near the Rocky Mountain National Park south of Estes Park, Colorado. Plan your individual or group retreat on this beautiful private property.  Stay in the historic log-built lodge or in a cabin.  


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